Monday, December 3, 2012

brown fish owl in nepal

The Brown Fish Owl is one of the species of owls found in some parts of Asia. These owls have ears which look like horns. The upper parts are reddish brown and heavily streaked with black or dark brown. The underparts are buff to whitish, with dark lines and brown barring. The throat is white and can be conspicuously puffed, while the facial disk is indistinct. The irides are yellow, the feet a duller yellow, and the bill is dark. Sexes do not differ in appearance except for size. Brown Fish Owls breed from November to March. Female owl lays one or two eggs in a clutch which is often placed in an old stick nest of other birds. This nocturnal birds living on trees, feeds mainly on fishes, frogs and aquatic animals. They are found in Bardia of Nepal.

Common Name: malaahaa hochil, Brown fish owl
Scientific Name: Ketupa zeylonensis
Weight: 2–2.5 kilograms
Color: reddish brown , white throat, dark bill
Length: 22 inches

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