Thursday, November 29, 2012

oriental white eye in Nepal कंकिर

The Oriental White-eye is a small yellowish perching bird. It is seen in different countries of Indian Subcontinent like Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, India, Myanmar, Thailand and Laos and Malaysia. Forming small groups they live in moist forest, hills, islands and rarely on drier desert. They are easily identified by the distinctive white eye-ring and overall yellowish body. These birds are spotted in Bardia and other places of Nepal. They feed basically on nectar and small insects. April is their main breeding season though it start from February till September. Female bird lays 2-3 eggs in a clutch which are brooded by both parent birds. Both gender of these birds look alike.

Common Name: Oriental White-eye, kankir
Scientific Name: Zosterops palpebrosus
Weight: around 10 gms
Color: yellowish body with white eye-ring
Length: 8–9 cm

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