Sunday, November 25, 2012

Pigeons in Nepal

Pigeon is found easily in most of the places of Earth and is another common bird found across the country in wild and houses too. Pigeons are strong to fly for hours so they are tamed from local peoples as hobby and are taken as messenger to carry messages from one place to another from past time. People have fantasies to feed them, see them having water bathing and held their flight competitions. These gentle birds are fed on grains, wheats, maize, grass etc and lives in group. These aves build their own nest from small sticks , left overs of woods, feathers and can easily live in forest and human societies too. Most of the temples across the country are like habitat of these birds. Female pigeons lay 1-2 egss at a time after male and female pigeons coopulates as their breeding process and the child pigeons leave parents after certain period.
Common Name: Parewa, Pigeon
Scientific Name: Columbidae
Weight: 1 kg (2 lb)
Color: Varietieds of color of its subfamilies like white, blue,, brown etc
Length: 50 cm
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