Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Black Ibis in Nepal

Black Ibis (Red-naped Ibis) is a species of ibis found in parts of the Indian Subcontinent. It is found around Charkose Jhadi Panipiya in Nepal. These birds have long neck, red patch on black head and white patch near its shoulder. It has 13 to 17 cm long down curved bill. It lives near lakes, river sides, grazing fields and irrigated land in small numbered group. It nests in trees and breeds from March-April. The clutch size varies from 1 to 3 eggs per nest with average weight of 63.98 gms. The bird is popularly known as "farmer’s friend" as it feeds on large number of insects injurious to crop and other insects like Locust, Grasshoppers, Mantis, Dung beetles, Tiger beetles, Scrab beetles, Caterpillar, Spiders and Centipedes.
Common Name: karra sanwari, Black Ibis, Red-naped Ibis
Scientific Name: Pseudibis papillosa
Weight: mature bird weighs around 1100 gms
Color: Basically they have grey head but different body color in its subfamilies
Length: medium sized bird of about 68cm length with a wing span of about 38cm

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