Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Emerald Dove in Nepal

Emerald Dove is a sub family of pigeon, dove. These secret and shy birds are rarely found in the wooded areas, forest, cultivated area, agriculture area. These bird are colorful and female dove have little dull color than that of male. These birds are seen across Nepal, Indonesia, Japan, India, Taiwan, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia,Cambodia, Pakistan, HongKong, Sri Lanka, China, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Myanmar. These bird feed itself on fruits, seeds, grass, bamboo etc. Its breeding period fall between April to September when female one lays 1-2 white colored eggs.

Common Name: sun dhukur, emerald dove
Scientific Name: Chalcophaps indica
Weight: Around 124 gms
Color: Basically they have grey head but different body color in its subfamilies
Length: 20 cm
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