Sunday, December 30, 2012

long legged buzzard in nepal

These birds are carnivorous birds and found in European and Asian countries. Their feathers are brown, with lighter patches. they have white long flying feathers in their wings which help them in circular flight at remarkable height. They also have a dark bill, yellow eyes and legs. They live in cliffs, rocky hills or in trees of farmland. They also nest in the repaired nest left by other birds. Even though these birds feed on carcass of animal like reptiles, squirrels, rabbits, small birds and large insects, they prey on animals which they see in while hovering in the sky. They live for around 9 years. Female buzzards lays about three to five eggs in a clutch in their breeding season which falls from March and May. These birds also have nature of migrating from one place to other. They are seen in Pokhara of Nepal.
Common Name:Long legged buzzard, Lamkhutte shyenbaaj, लाम्खुट्टे श्यनबाज
Scientific Name: Buteo rufinus
Weight: Male weight: 1,100 grams, Female weight: 1,300 grams
Color: brown feather, lighter patches, white long flying feathers
Length: 50-65 cms

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