Wednesday, December 19, 2012

indian peacock in Nepal

Peacock is a large and multi colored bird of the pheasant family and found across different countries of South Asia. Genders of this bird are different from each other. Male one is named Peacock and the female is called Peahen and both they are called Peafowl. Peacock is blue with feathers in tail with beautiful eye liked pattern on their back. The female ones don't have such tail and has mixture of green and brown color in body. Peacocks can raise its tail in a fan like shape making it more adorable display of art. They are found wild in forests and nearby cultivated area by humans. They feed on berries, grains and prey some small insects, reptiles like lizards. It is national bird of India and they live for around 23 years or so. Peacock has different stands in Hindu myths. Peahen lays 4-8 eggs between April to May in their breeding season which falls mostly in rainy season. They are found in Chitwan of Nepal.
Common Name:Majur, Mayur, Peacock, मजुर्, मयुर
Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus
Weight: Male (4–6 kgs ) , Female (3-4kgs)
Color: blue male and female has mixture of green and brown colour
Length: Male ( 195 to 225 cm ) , Female ( around 95 cm )

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Below is a image provided to us by Subash's Photography.

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