Thursday, December 6, 2012

white wagtails in nepal

White wagtail are found over a wide range of habitats in the world living in flocks. Its body is grey above and white below, with a white face, black cap and black throat. It feeds on beetles, dragonflies, small snails, spiders, worms, flies, maggots. These birds build nests from twigs, grass, leaves and other plant matter. Their breeding season for most is from April to August when female bird lays 3-8 cream-coloured eggs in a clutch. The White Wagtail is the national bird of Latvia. These birds are found over bardia in nepal.

Common Name: seto tiktike, white wagtail
Scientific Name: Motacilla alba alboides
Weight: around 17-25 grams
Color: grey and white body with a white face, black cap and black throat
Length: 16.5–19 cm
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