Friday, December 7, 2012

Grey Wagtail in Nepal

The Grey Wagtail is a widely spread in Asia, Europe and Africa. They nest in trees nearby marshy ground, meadows, streams or rivers and holes made up of moss and twigs. The upperparts of body are grey and the yellow belly, white at lower part and white tail. Iran, Turkey, Korea and Japan. Their breeding season falls between April to July when female bird lays a clutch of 3-6 eggs. They live for a maximum of 8 years in the wild. These birds feed on aquatic organisms, flies, mayflies, beetles. They are seen in Pokhara of Nepal.

Common Name: fusro tiktike, grey wagtail
Scientific Name: Motacilla cinerea
Weight: 15-23 grams
Color: grey body, yellow belly, white tail
Length: 18 cm

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