Monday, December 24, 2012

eurasian collared dove in nepal

Eurasian collared dove are pigeon like with white feathered tail and dark black dash on back of its neck. These bird are distinct due to half collar like bar on its neck. This bird's nutrition is comprised of agricultural products like seeds, fruit, berries, grains like wheat/corn and also insects as protein supplement. These birds live in agriculture lands like farmyards, fields, forest and human influenced towns too. These birds breed as much as 6 times a year with clutch sized of 1-2 eggs laid by female dove. Female dove builds nest above 10 feet from ground on trees with small sticks, feathers, left overs of plants, twigs which is fetched and brought by male one. They are found in Kathmandu, Chitwan of Nepal.
Common Name:eurasian collared dove, Kanthe Dhukur, कण्ठे ढुकुर
Scientific Name: Streptopelia decaocto
Weight: 140–180 grams
Color: white feathered tail, dark black dash on back of its neck
Length: 29–30 cms

Image Source:,_Eurasian_Collared.jpg

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