Monday, January 7, 2013

woolly necked stork in nepal

The Woolly-necked Stork as known as White necked Stork is found in Asia countries and some parts of Africa. They are like to find in wetlands, ponds, dams and are capable of long flights. They build their nests on tress with sticks 10-30 m above ground. These birds have black head, white neck and body, red legs, black bill. The upper parts are dark green. Both genders are alike where as chick of these birds are duller than adult ones. Breeding generally takes place August-November when female bird lays 2-5 eggs in a clutch. Their main prey consists of insects, worms, fish, crabs, frogs, lizards, small reptiles and large insects. They are seen in Karnali river of Nepal.
Common Name:woolly necked stork, bhundifor, भुँडिफोर
Scientific Name: Ciconia episcopus
Weight: 1.8kg
Color: black head, white neck and body, red legs, black bill
Length: 90cms

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