Wednesday, January 16, 2013

bronze winged jacana in nepal

Bronze winged jacana are the waders with huge feet and claws which helps them to walk on floating vegetation in the lakes. These birds are found in tropical region and south east Asian countries. They have brown wings, red tail, white eyestripe, yellow bill, grey legs. These birds build their nest on water or floating leaves with weed stems submerged partially. Females of this birds are larger than the males. The bronze winged jacana birds feed on insects, seeds, roots, aquatic plants, small invertebrates found over water. During breeding season female jacan lays four black marked brown eggs in its floating nest. As these birds can walk on water, they are also known as leaf walker. They are seen in Koshi Tappu of Nepal.
Common Name:bronze winged jacana, lamaaunle, लामऔंले
Scientific Name: Metopidius indicus
Weight: 200-400 grams
Color: brown wings, red tail, white eyestripe, yellow bill, grey legs
Length: 29 cms

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