Wednesday, January 2, 2013

white rumped vulture in nepal

The White rumped Vulture is a species of vulture and falls under large birds. This black feathered bird is white back and unfeathered neck, head. Lower back and rump are pure white and have brownish-black hooked bill. Both genders look similar. They have strong wings which helps them have long and circular flight high above the ground for preying. They build nest with sticks and green leaves on top of the big trees near the habitation of human for slaughtered or abandoned animals. They sometimes feed on human corpses as allowed by some religion. Like other scavenger birds, they reproduce slowly. Their breeding season falls near January when the female vulture lays an egg. Due to excess use of pesticides and other human influences their number is declining and is marked as endangered species. They are seen in Chitwan of Nepal.
Common Name:White rumped vulture , Dangar Giddha, डङ्गर गिद्ध
Scientific Name: Gyps bengalensis
Weight: 3500-6000 grams
Color: white back, lower back and rump are pure white, brownish-black hooked bill
Length: 76-93 cms

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