Thursday, January 10, 2013

purple sunbird in nepal

The Purple Sunbird is a small bird with down curved bill, thin body, and short wing, tubular tongue found across Indian Subcontinent and into Southeast Asia. Female bird builds nest from thin plant left over, barks held together by cobwebs of spiders on tree branches in hanging way. They live in thin forest, farmland, and gardens of urban areas. They feed mainly on nectar, although they will also take insects, fruits, small berries and cultivated grapes. The males are purple, black on upper parts, dark brown wings where as females are olive above and yellowish below. Male one is similar to synoptic Loten's Sunbird. It has been recorded to have life span of 22 years. Their breeding season is during Monsoon season i.e. April to June when female lays one to three eggs in a clutch. They are found in Kathmandu of Nepal.
Common Name:purple sunbird, kalo bunge charaa, कालो बुङे चरा
Scientific Name: Necterinia asiatica
Weight: 8.2 grams
Color: males are pruple, black on upper parts with dark brown wings where as females have olive above and yellowish below
Length: 10 cms

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